Strong Earthquake Hits Mexico City – Another Reason to Avoid Mexico

Mexico flat out scares me.  I have never been to Mexico and I never plan on going.  I have many reasons.  I fear being thrown in a Mexican prison for no reason.  I fear being kidnapped.  I fear being decapitated and hung from a bridge by my toenails.  I fear being held for ransom when nobody would pay more than ten bucks for my return.  This just seems like a place I want and need to avoid.

Reason number seven on my list is the fact that a lot of Mexico City is built on an old lake bed that becomes an amplifier for earthquakes when they hit.  Couple this danger with the fact that buildings in Mexico aren’t exactly models of earthquake preparedness, and there you have it.  Saturday night a fairly major earthquake hit and in the capital, buildings swayed for more than a minute.  Three people were killed in the quake.  I have never experienced an earthquake in person.  I spend a lot of time in the San Francisco area, so it’s just a matter of time.  I hope when it finally happens to me, that I am in a place like that, and not in a place like Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck in Mexico’s western Guerrero state Saturday night, shaking buildings and causing panic in the nation’s capital and the Pacific resort of Acapulco. Officials said at least three people died, but there were no reports of widespread damage.

The U.S. Geological Service initially estimated the quake at magnitude at 6.8, but downgraded it to 6.7 and then 6.5. A quake of that magnitude is capable of causing severe damage, although the depth of this temblor lessened its impact.

The USGS said the quake occurred at a depth of 40.3 miles (64.9 kilometers). It was centered about 26 miles (42 kilometers) southwest of Iguala in Guerrero and 103 miles (166 kilometers) south-southwest of Mexico City.

Mexico’s Interior Department said the quake was felt in parts of nine states.

Humberto Calvo, undersecretary of Guerrero’s Civil Protection agency, said three deaths had been reported in the state. He said one man was killed when a house’s roof collapsed in Iguala, a second died in the small town of Ixcateopan and the driver of a cargo truck was killed by rocks that fell on the vehicle driving on the toll highway linking Acapulco with Mexico City.

Calvo said a secondary highway between the two cities was blocked in two places by rockslides.

High-rises swayed in the center of Mexico City for more than a minute, and shoppers were temporarily herded out of some shopping centers until the danger passed.

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