Staples – Ugliest Email Ever?

I freely admit I am pretty picky when it comes to email marketing.  That does not however mean that each and every email that hits my inbox (or spam/bulk folder) should be a work of art.  I actually sometimes miss the days when email was small and to the point.  These days with broadband being what it is, everyone seems to contract with Jackson Pollack to do the artwork in email.

This email series caught even me for a loop.  The one in question is the second in a come back series that I received.  The first one wasn’t much better, but the second email is some of the worst design I have ever witnessed.  Then I begin to wonder if maybe this was done on purpose?  Everybody knows that anytime you do something silly and make a subject line mistake that it will without a doubt have the best open rate of the year.  Maybe that’s what happened here?  Let’s make this email look so bad that people will be curious as to what the hell is going on.

Maybe Staples just forgot the EASY button?

Not sure, but this one is pretty brutal.

Bask in the glory of an ugly email.

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