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I was the victim of a spam attack last week. decided to send me email that I never signed up for.  I contacted support and was given some pretty lame excuses.  This is a great example of how someone tries to build a business through email marketing by ignoring all best practices.  There’s a lot to learn from these mistakes.

Seize the Deal is basically a carbon copy of  I had never heard of the site before, so I was curious when this email popped into my box.










I sent an email to the support address at Seize the Deal.  I asked the following:

I want to know how got my email address.  I did not sign-up for this email and do not have an account.  Provide me the date of sign-up including timestamp and IP address or the source of your email acquisition.

Here is the answer I received.

Hi Kevin,

Here in Dallas we are partnered with Pegasus News, which is where your email address was acquired from.

I am happy to unsubscribe you from our Seize the Deal mailing list.

Lindsay Love
Digital Operations Manager
Seize the Deal

Now we’re getting somewhere.  I am subscribed to Pegasus News, a local news website.  In a rather ironic twist of fate, there’s really one reason I stay subscribed to the newsletter.  It’s an example I use to point out to clients of what not to do in an email.  Design aside, I went to the Pegasus News site to check out the privacy policy.  Here’s what I found.




I pushed a bit more, informing Lindsay that I had not subscribed to anything from Seize the Deal and this was spam.  Pushed a bit, I received this response.

Hi Kevin,

I should clarify a little more, Pegasus News and Seize the Deal are actually the same company.  We are all under the same umbrella of PanLocal Media, LLC.  Sorry for the confusion with this but because we are the same company, we are not in violation of the law.

There it is.  Instead of doing the right thing and promoting the site in the weekly Pegasus Newsletter that I am subscribed to already, they went the unsavory spammy route.  There’s no question this is spam.  I suppose it is desperation that pushes companies to do things like this.  This is not the way to build an audience.  Good luck from the spam folder.


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  2. Reply Rachelle King May 23,2010 10:28 pm

    This is a great post & thank you for sharing it! It is import to maintain ethical best practices when using social media & email for a new start-up regardless of who your media partners are.

  3. Reply DK May 28,2010 3:33 pm

    while they should have gone a different route rather then send unsolicited email, they aren’t violating anything. they’re all part of the same company and therefor didn’t share your info. this was their attempt to get the news out about a new group buying deal.

    there are a TON of these start-up group buying sites popping up, it just so happens that Groupon and LivingSocial got the big head start and funding first.

    and HELLOOOO it’s all a deal. if you’re getting “spammed” by Groupon or LivingSocial and getting some sweet deals, then why not get another opp to get a sweet deal?

    these guys are based in Dallas. they’re part of a major boradcasting/media outlet here.

    just FYI… do some research. i just heard about this earlier this week and have already found all the info i need.

    also… i HATE SPAM! hate.

  4. Reply Kevin Senne May 29,2010 11:10 am


    Thanks for the comment. There’s a lot here that I would like to discuss. I’ll be posting again to talk about your comments.

  5. Reply jennifer Feb 24,2011 9:38 pm

    Groupon itself is a copycat, just it happened to be success. Just like google is not the first search engine. It is not fair to say other social deal website are copycat of groupon.

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