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Twitter spam is less than 1% of all messages.  Email spam runs about 9 out of every 10 messages.  Twitter spam is down from a high of 11% in August 2009, according to according to a blog written by Twitter’s chief scientist, Abdur Chowdhury.  New Scientist reports on the reach of email spam in this chart.

The CNN SciTech blog has an interesting article talking about what this all means for us consumers of electronic information.

An interesting point that stood out for me.

The Toronto Sun reports that half of all recipients click on email spam, even though they know it is a problem.  What does that mean?  I don’t know exactly, but I do think that it shows the power of email.  The experts in the email marketing circles are always very quick to come down on the side of eradicating spam.  It’s hard to say that you aren’t in favor of that.  Nobody wants to be spammed.  It does however, make me question the validity of our industry numbers.  I wonder out loud how much “spam” is just email that we sign up for and decide we don’t like?  How many people sign up at a dating website or look for an old ex on Facebook?  When a significant other questions the email, there’s no way we signed up for that, it’s gotta be spam.

Have you ever signed up for something and forgotten about it?  I certainly have.  Have you ever given someone an email address that clearly stated they were going to share it with partners?  Should that email qualify as spam?  I am no fan of real spam.  But, I do think that businesses have a right to freely operate if they are abiding by the law.  Some businesses are good at marketing and some aren’t.  Our free market system weeds out bad business eventually.  The same thing happens with email marketing.

Interesting stuff.


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