Someupside Review – AskMen Most Desirable Women of 2013 #79-60

I don’t know if I have ever seen one of these lists that drove me more crazy than the AskMen Top 99 Women of 2013.  Who did they ask about this?  There’s no way the results of this list are the final result of legitimate voting.  The list is contrived and pretty much ridiculous.  Have the right publicist, hello list.

Here’s how AskMen introduces the list.

Who Are The Most Desirable Women of 2013?

What does it really mean to be a desirable woman? Is it solely about a pretty face or a career accomplishment? Is it about having perfect proportions or about being “wife material”? You answered these questions by voting in our annual Top 99. And judging from your responses and those of our staff, one thing is clear: Desirability isn’t any one of these things, but all of them. You chose women who represent the complete package of beauty, brains, ambition and charm. And we think you chose wisely. From young up-and-comers to Top 99 vets, here are the women who make all our hearts skip a collective beat.

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I’ve decide to break-down this list like the Zapruder film.  Today we look at #79-60.
#79 – Tracy Spiridakos – Random TV cast member – No issue for me
#78 – Joan Smalls – The first of several Victoria’s Secret models.
#77 – Cassie – Not familiar with her “body” of work
#76 – Jessica Chastain – Have to sprinkle in some Ginger
#75 – Carly Rae Jepsen – One hit wonder
#74 – Chloe Wilde – Somehow the AskMen video girl makes the list.
#73 –  Lindsey Vonn – Maybe it is just me, but sometimes she looks like a dude.
#72 – Rachel Weisz – A legit talented and beautiful woman.
#71 – Lana Del Rey – Her privates taste like Pepsi.  Enough said
#70 – Génesis Rodríguez – Casa de mi Padre ruled.
#69 – Lucy Liu – Seems about right
#68 – Paula Patton – Another one that I am sure nobody voted for
#67 – Bipasha Basu – Bollywood
#66 – Morena Baccarin – Really 66?  Have you watched one second of Homeland?
#65 – Leryn Franco – The Anna Kournikova of our time
#64 – Cobie Smulders – Love me some Cobie
#63 – Sherlyn Chopra – More Bollywood – No chance anybody voted for her.
#62 – Bar Refaeli – #62?
#61 – Heidi Klum – Hard to argue Heidi Klum
#60 – Marcela Valladolid – Who?

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