Someupside Review – AskMen Most Desirable Women of 2013 #59-40

I don’t know if I have ever seen one of these lists that drove me more crazy than the AskMen Top 99 Women of 2013.  Who did they ask about this?  There’s no way the results of this list are the final result of legitimate voting.  The list is contrived and pretty much ridiculous.  Have the right publicist, hello list.

Here’s how AskMen introduces the list.

Who Are The Most Desirable Women of 2013?

What does it really mean to be a desirable woman? Is it solely about a pretty face or a career accomplishment? Is it about having perfect proportions or about being “wife material”? You answered these questions by voting in our annual Top 99. And judging from your responses and those of our staff, one thing is clear: Desirability isn’t any one of these things, but all of them. You chose women who represent the complete package of beauty, brains, ambition and charm. And we think you chose wisely. From young up-and-comers to Top 99 vets, here are the women who make all our hearts skip a collective beat.

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I’ve decide to break-down this list like the Zapruder film.  Today we look at #59-40

#59 – Marissa Mayer – The geek in me should dig this, but it is more proof the list is made up.

#58 – Amanda Seyfried – Sounds about right.

#57 – Kat Dennings – No argument, I can see guys voting for them, I mean her.

#56 – Selena Gomez – Anyone who dates Justin Bieber should be disqualified.

#55 – Doutzen Kroes – Victoria’s Secret

#54 – Olivia Wilde – 54?  She should be #4

#53 – Antonija Misura – Croatian Basketball player – Wow

#52 – Keira Knightley – Seems about right, she’s nice but not fantastic

#51 – Jemima Kirke – Girls, works for me.

#50 – Solange Knowles – Beyonce’s sister.  Yeah right.

#49 – Azealia Banks – Hip-hop thugster

#48 – Natalie Portman – Great looks and great talent

#47 – Anne Hathaway – I dig her and her hardcore roles

#46 – Kerry Washington – I can’t tell you how much I hate the show Scandal, but she’s a big reason why.

#45 – Scarlett Johansson – ScarJo at 45?  What kind of crack were these guys smoking?

#44 – Candace Bailey – Very nice 🙂

#43 – Ronda Rousey – No thanks, she’s all yours

#42 – Allison Williams – More Girls

#41 – Lolo Jones – I am a big fan of Lolo Jones and her beautiful eyes

#40 – Alessandra Ambrosio – This almost seems unfair

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