Smart Email Marketing From Amazon

I received an email from Amazon last week that impressed me quite a bit.  This is the type of email that you don’t often see, but should be utilized  much more.  I am subscribed to the Amazon Local series, but I never open them.  I am probably burned out from the other 75 daily deals emails that hit my box each morning, so it’s understandable.  Amazon did something quite different with me.  Amazon decided to stop sending me the email that I obviously wasn’t engaging with.  I was also given the opportunity to opt back in if I wanted.

Here are the benefits to me and Amazon.

  • Higher Engagement – Cut out inactive users
  • Better Deliverability – No spam traps
  • Reduce Spam Complaints – Don’t send email to people who don’t want to receive them
  • Potential Reengagement – Maybe I forgot about these deals?
  • Street Cred – I just appreciate this, it makes me like Amazon more

Nice job Amazon, keep it up!

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