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When I came up with the name “someupside” for my site, there were several reasons behind the name.  I love how in sports, people are always talking about a player’s upside potential.  It doesn’t matter how lazy or heartless the player actually appears, he’s always got the upside.  In my industry — email marketing — there is an abundance of upside.  Email marketing is so powerful, yet so untapped by most senders.  We have this awesome tool available to us, yet most of us never even scratch the surface.  That is upside in the truest sense of the word.

I was excited yesterday to see that the great Seth Godin wrote in his blog about upside.  Seth talks about creating incredible experiences vs. avoiding bad outcomes.  The upside is the time you spend taking risks, being aggressive, and doing your best to make others happy.  Seth asks:  are you are trying to be remarkable?

I love the theme and the directness that Seth Godin always puts forward.  This is exactly what I try to talk about here in my blog.  There is always upside to be gained in every challenge we take on.  Email marketing can always be better.  People want to interact with others; it is our nature to do so.  We want to feel like we are the most important thing in someone’s life.  We want to know that someone is paying attention to us.  As a company, we need to be bold and take on that challenge.  Do something different with your email marketing.  Don’t send a weekly newsletter just because everybody else does the same thing.  Sending fewer emails, but targeting them better, can produce fantastic results.  In many organizations, it is difficult to get over the hump of “we’ve always done things this way.”  Finding the upside is about taking a risk and providing something really special.

Thank you, Seth Godin, for finding the upside in my day.

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