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A repost of an blog I wrote earlier this summer, the first time my washing machine went belly up!Unnamed Laundromat

I am writing this sitting on an old worn out bench in a laundromat.  It has been a really long time since I have made this trip.  First some background.  Our washing machine died last week.  Luckily, we did purchase an extended warranty, so Best Buy scheduled the Geek Squad to come out today.  Of course, you can guess the outcome.  The part that is broken is on backorder.  Hopefully, next week we will get the part and they will come back out.  The service was great, the technician was very friendly.  As always happens, I was already behind on our laundry.  Here we are starting to pile up with clothes, and at least a week to go before our parts arrive.  So I am here at the laundromat, which I had to Google to find.

Here are my impressions.

  • It is HOT in here.  I might be better off on the curb in the 100 degree sun.
  • At least I can do the clothes all at once.
  • I want my own washing machine back.
  • This might get me to conserve clothes a bit more.  Still not using towels more than once.

This trip has me thinking about the way things (warning:  Texas phrase) used to be, and the way things are today.  We live in a pretty amazing time of near instant gratification.  We can Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, just about anything we need.  I have ordered Ribs from Chicago, toys from Tokyo, paintings from France, and candy from London.  I am lucky enough to live close to a huge airport in the middle of the country, and can be almost anywhere in less than 4 hours.  I am writing this blog courtesy of my Sprint wireless card in a LAUNDROMAT.  It is a good time, and is only getting better in many respects.

My kids are getting to the age where they are old enough to have some meaningful conversations.  I tried to explain to my daughter how things were for me growing up.  There were no cell phones, no personal computers (kind of), I had a black and white TV, there was no Internet.  The jarring thing to her was no Disney Channel or iCarly.  I don’t think she could understand there was no cable TV, and if you wanted to see cartoons, Saturday morning was it.  The concept of 5 channels also just doesn’t compute.

The world is a very different place today.  If we’re missing out on something, we know it.  Competition is everywhere.  There is somebody that does everything in spectacular fashion.  If you want to be great, you have to give us the consumers, exactly what we want.  Not here in the laundromat, because this is what it was like back in 1985.  If you are here, it’s because you have to be here.  So the floor is dirty and old, the wallpaper makes you want to puke, and there is no air conditioner.  The only “on-demand” going on here is the Coke machine and the dilapidated arcade game (not even Galaga or Pac-Man.)

I am pretty thankful to live in a time where I can sit in my time-warp and still be 2009 creative.  I am also glad to live in a world where others think enough of my business to compete just a little bit for my affection.

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