San Francisco Bans Unsolicited Yellow Pages

I was so happy to read the news that San Francisco has banned the unsolicited delivery of Yellow Pages.  I have been annoyed by this for years and years.  I suppose there are still some folks who let their fingers do the walking to find things, but that ship sailed for most people five or six years ago.  Why would you lug around a heavy book, or take up valuable storage space with hundreds of pages of paper?  Why kill the trees needed to make all these useless books?

Hey, there’s a thing called the Internet now that makes phone books obsolete.

Unless you use phone books as a booster seat or something, the only thing you most likely do is carry them from the porch to the recycle bin.

Bravo SFO!

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco has become the first U.S. city to ban the unsolicited distribution of Yellow Pages.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Mayor Ed Lee quietly signed the ban into law on May 19 to cut the number of unwanted phone books being dropped into city neighborhoods.

The Local Search Association, a commercial phone book industry trade group, has threatened to sue, saying the ban violates its members’ rights.

David Chiu, president of the city’s Board of Supervisors, said the ban was needed because the unsolicited books degraded the environment and blighted neighborhoods.

The law, which does not affect white pages distribution, is scheduled to take effect next year, and will bar companies from leaving Yellow Pages on porches without the permission of the residence or business.

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