Sally Beauty Supply Bait and Switch 2

Beware of doing business with Sally Beauty.  I was taken this holiday season by very bad customer service and general incompetence.

Here’s the scenario.  I ordered a package special at the end of November.  The deal was that if you bought a couple of items, you received other items for free.  This worked out very well, as I gave a couple of items for gifts, and wanted a couple for my daughter.  Well, I did not receive all of the items.  The cosmetic bag and flat iron showed up on my delivery invoice as backordered.  I finally called today to find out where my items were 45 days after the fact.

Here’s what the incompetent person at Sally Beauty told me.  They don’t have these items and won’t be shipping them out.  They were only “as available” as part of the offer.  I questioned why they took my money and the order if they didn’t have them.  She said they couldn’t be expected to have LIVE ORDERING.

What???  I think I’ll start selling things that I don’t actually have. has an online site that takes your order and money, but they have no idea if they have the items they are selling.  I would not have ordered these items if they hadn’t been part of this package.  I don’t care if they were “free”, that’s the only reason I ordered the other things.

The customer service was awful and the lady on the phone was very rude.  I asked what type of a refund I could expect, and she said none, the order is complete.  I asked if they were ever going to notify me that I was out of luck.  Keep in mind the packing slip said “backordered” not “you are screwed.”  She said no, they were not going to notify me.

I would never do any kind of business with Sally Beauty supply again.

Here’s my order, don’t see any “as available” here.

Thanks for shopping at We appreciate your business. Your order number is WSAxxxxx. Please print this page or write this number down for future reference.

You may check the status of your order by clicking here or by going to Your Account.

Here’s a summary of your order placed on 11/28/10:
Ship to     Shipment Method

UPS – Standard
Description     Unit
Price     Qty     Total
Plugged In Professional Turbo Dryer     $29.99     1     $29.99
– Warranty: No Warranty     $0.00     0     $0.00
Plugged In Mini Curling Iron 1″     $19.99     1     $19.99
Free Plugged in Mini flat iron curl iron crimper or dryer w/p Plugged In Full Size Appliance                 -$19.99
– Warranty: No Warranty     $0.00     0     $0.00
Plugged In Blue Plaid Mini Iron     $26.99     1     $26.99
Free Plugged In Mini Flat Iron or Dryer w/ $44.99 purchase                 -$26.99
– Warranty: No Warranty     $0.00     0     $0.00
Glossing Polish 1 oz     $1.49     3     $4.47
Silk Elements Love Beauty Cosmetic Bag     $29.99     1     $29.99
Free Silk Elements Love Beauty Cosmetic Bag w/p3 Full Size Silk Elements product                 -$29.99
Order Discounts: 25% off your online order     -$8.62
Summary of Charges
Order Subtotal:     $25.84
Shipping &
Handling:     $0.00
Tax:     $2.13
Order Total:     $27.97
Payment Info
More Information
You will receive a shipment notification e-mail message as soon as we ship your order. We may also send you additional updates regarding the status of your order. If your order contains multiple items we may ship your order partially those items that are in stock. Your shipping confirmation e-mail will indicate any items that did not ship due to out of stock reasons. For your protection does not store credit card information. We do not ship backorders for this reason.

If we may be of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at: 1.866.234.9442, option #1, or


Sally Beauty Customer Service

2 thoughts on “Sally Beauty Supply Bait and Switch

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  2. Reply Another Unsatisfied Customer Apr 4,2013 3:44 pm

    I too feel VICTIMIZED by Sally Beauty Supply.

    Except in this case, customer service stated that “online prices do not match in store prices.” (*cough* except, they used to)

    Example: Item advertised was a bottle of conditioner for 13.29 (with Beauty Club Card),default,pd.html
    sent a friend to pick it up, not realizing what was ‘in store’. (No pun intended).

    A jolt of shock ran through me when I glanced at the receipt
    and realized that I’d been charged 18.89 (with the Beauty Club Card).
    That’s over 5.00 price hike – hence the term, ‘BAIT AND SWITCH’)

    WTF? Last time I shopped there was in 2010, (have been out of commission for awhile due to personal tragedy, but ready to get back to life and ‘beauty’) erm … make that, the last time I’ll shop there is April 4, 2013.

    VERY disappointed, Sally. Your in-store prices used to be on par with the website. What happened?

    Also makes me wonder about flyer prices. Do those match in-store, or …?

    The world has gotten so greedy … it saddens me, continuously, to be a member of the human race.

    Now, how do I spell, r-e-t-u-r-n?

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