Ronaldo Spits the Bit

Portugal lost in the semis of Euro 2012 tonight in penalties.  I thought Portugal played a fairly decent game, and for most of the 90 minutes of regular time, they made Spain look pretty ordinary.  I am no fan of Ronaldo – full disclosure.  In fact, I openly root for him to fail.  Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those polarizing sports figure that either you love or you hate.  In fairness, he’s been pretty amazing this whole tournament, not to mention the monster year he put up for his club.  There is a real debate on who the best player in the world truly is.  He’s in the discussion because of his special gifts.

Tonight, when his team needed him the most, there he was with his beautiful hair and handsome good looks watching.  Why did he not step up first for his club during penalty kicks?  Was he “saving” himself for the end?  We don’t know, but it sure looks like he shied away from what could have been his biggest moment.  Alpha dogs in sports always want to take the last shot.  This is why Michael Jordan is the greatest alpha dog of all-time.  The leader of the club should step up and say “Watch me boys, this is how it is done” and kick the ball through the back of the net.  Did Ronaldo hope he wouldn’t have to kick?  We’ll never know.

Maybe this shouldn’t all be on Ronaldo.  I am not sure how you have 2 defenders (including Pepe – the dirtiest footballer on Earth) taking PK’s.  Did the coach tell CR he had to wait?  Even if he did, we saw that didn’t really matter since Nani seemingly decided when he was going to kick, in the process freaking out an already scared defender about to shank one off the bar.

There’s no doubt that CR has great skill and he is maturing into one of the most destructive offensive footballers ever.  Until he has the stones to step and and show the boys the way, people like me will continue to hate him for what he doesn’t have.  We want to watch greatness and that wasn’t it tonight.

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