Rick Perry Wants to Eliminate What? That’s the Oops!

Rick Perry sent his campaign floating away on Wednesday night with his now famous, Oops!  The real problem however isn’t that he forgot one of the three offices that he would eliminate as president.  The real problem is the concept of eliminating these offices at all.  The way I see it is you either truly eliminate an office or you are just going to move pieces (and money) around to pretend.  I would say knowing Perry, he was going with number two.

Some of the things you would be eliminating if he follow the Perry brick road.

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • The Census Bureau
  • The National Weather Service
  • The protection of our nuclear power facilities

From a Yahoo news article today.

Of course, Perry could eliminate the departments but maintain all these functions, by simply shifting them into different agencies. The Pentagon, for instance, might take over management over nuclear weapons. His economic plan, “Cut, Balance, and Grow,” doesn’t mention his plan to eliminate specific departments. Some agency functions might also devolve to state or local authorities in Perry’s plan, but it’s hard to see how major initiatives could get funded at the state or local level–particularly in rough economic times like the present. But we’ll learn more about Perry’s plan next week when he plans to give a speech on “government reform,” a Perry spokesman told Yahoo News.

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