Rest Easy NJ – The Baboon Menace is No More

Real Housewives of New Jersey can sleep again because the terrorizing baboon intruder has been caught.  No longer will terrified residents have to huddle indoors living in fear of this.

Sleep well New Jersey…


HOWELL TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A wayward baboon that apparently escaped from an amusement park and became a mini-celebrity – appearing at a golf course and being followed on Twitter – was captured Saturday after spending three days on the lam.

The animal appeared to be unharmed when it was found and tranquilized at a farm in Howell Township, in southern New Jersey. The farm isn’t far from Six Flags Great Adventure’s Monkey Jungle in Jackson Township, which has about 150 baboons that are part of a drive-through safari.

Park officials confirmed the capture and said they believed the animal was theirs. But they won’t know for sure until it’s assessed and they can see if it has a microchip that’s embedded in all their baboons.

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