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Radisson is pulling a bait and switch scam you should be aware of before staying in one of their properties.  I urge you to stay somewhere besides Radisson and Carlson hotels.  Stay with a hotel chain that actually wants your business.  Carlson Hotels have poor customer service.  Don’t waste your time and money.

Please read the below example of bait and switch coupled with poor customer service.  If you can’t here’s the deal.  The Radisson website misleads you to believe that by booking at Radisson.com you will receive a BONUS 500 goldpointsplus.  The reality is that booking there is the ONLY way to get any points.  Please explain to me how that is a BONUS?   No points if you book at Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Delta, or American Airlines.  Nothing.  Of course this language is buried.  Screen shots coming.

I am a business traveler.  I am the person that every travel company hopes to lure.  I travel a lot (although not a George Clooney lot) and I am fiercely loyal to a brand.  When I find an airline, a hotel, or a rental car company that treats me right, they are mine.  I’ll caveat this by saying I’ve been a Hyatt hotel guy for the past 3 years.  My previous job had me in Atlanta quite a bit.  I spent many night in the Grand Hyatt Atlanta.  The hotel was always fantastic, the staff was friendly, and I received the same great service at other Hyatt properties.  The Hyatt Gold Passport program is also simple and lucrative.  I’ve earned and redeemed points with zero issues.

This brings me to today.  I travel about every other week to Austin, Texas.  I stay and work in downtown Austin.  I’ve been to Austin before, but never stayed downtown.  I started trying a few different hotels on my visits.  I stayed at the Radisson on Town Lake a few weeks ago, and I liked it.  The rooms aren’t luxurious, but it had a few small things I like in a hotel.  I thought that I might have found my base of operations.

As a smart traveler, you must take advantage of frequent traveler programs.  I never stay a night, or fly a leg on a plane where I am not credited with miles or points of some kind.  I joined the Radisson goldpointsplus program.  I booked my first trip at Radisson.com and was credited with my points.  My second and third trips (of 3 nights each), I booked at aa.com.  I did not have the chance to enter my goldpoints number.  For the first trip, I filled out the missing stay information form (I’ve done this before at other hotels) and waited for the response.  For the third stay, a week later, I brought my number to the front desk at the hotel.  My points were never posted.  Here starts the timeline.

To be clear:  I will never again stay at a Radisson or any other Carlson property.  Hyatt, I am sorry that I strayed.

Feb 24 – I write customer service asking about my points.  The response:

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Please allow the hotel 7 to 10 days to post gold points to your account.
If you do not see the points after 10 days, please contact us for
further assistance.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you.

Jake | Member Services Representative, Carlson Hotels
phone 888.288.8889 | fax 402.501.9166 | goldpointsplus@carlson.com

Mar 10 – No points, no response.  I send another email and get this response:

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Upon review, we have found that your stay was booked and paid for at a
rate which is not entitled to Gold Points under the terms and conditions
of the program. Unfortunately when booking with www.aa.com, points are
not awarded as it is a third party site.

Room rates that are not eligible for Points include: reservations made
through third parties such as tour operators or online travel companies.
Additional exclusions include use of vouchers, gift certificates, or
Gold Points® redemption stays; rates for airline crew and employees;
travel agency employees; and rates for employees of participating
hotels; or stays paid on a master/group bill or account.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you.

Jake | Member Services Representative, Carlson Hotels
phone 888.288.8889 | fax 402.501.9166 | goldpointsplus@carlson.com

So why is this on the Radisson website?

I’ve highlighted the second bullet.  BONUS points not awarded.  Does that sound like NO points will be awarded?

Terms and Conditions

  • All hotel stay points, including points earned for online booking, are calculated after the stay is completed.
  • Bonus Gold Points will not be awarded for reservations made through a third-party reservation site or for redemption stays.
  • Bonus Gold Points are only awarded on Gold Points eligible stays. Regular eligibility rate rules apply.

Book Online and Earn 500 Bonus Points

Here’s the fineprint.  BTW, this isn’t on the Radisson webiste.  I had to go to goldpointsplus.com, find the terms and conditions link buried at the bottom, and read through the lawyer speak for one sentence.  Here’s the link.

Bad Customer Service continues.  I wrote back to Jake in customer service and told him I was upset with this policy.  I informed him that I would be telling my friends about this.  His response, or rather lack of responseCanned of course.  I’ll hold my breath.

Your comments have been submitted to the goldpoints plus Member Service
Center. As part of our commitment to total guest satisfaction, we value
your comments and pledge to address any questions or concerns you may
have about your goldpoints and/or hotel experience.

If you have submitted a question you can expect a reply within 7
business days. Should our reply fail to reach you, please call Member

See you later Radisson.  I’ll be at the Hyatt.

7 thoughts on “Radisson Does Not Care About Travelers

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  2. Reply Tony Mar 14,2010 11:26 am

    Sounds like Carlson needs to pay attention to their own trade news:

    “And more importantly, research shows loyal customers, when managed properly, are significantly more profitable than an average guest. The Intercontinental Hotel Group reported that members of its loyalty program are twice as profitable as their average guest and those members who earn elite status are 12 times more profitable.”


  3. Reply Grand Hyatt Mar 16,2010 8:37 am

    Mr. Senne,

    Thank you for being such a loyal Hyatt guest, we appereciate and value your business and look forward to welcoming you back anytime you are in Atlanta.
    Grainne McClain
    Grand Hyatt Buckhead

  4. Reply jessica Mar 23,2010 10:20 pm


    Actually, the policy about third party booking is stated pretty clearly on Radisson’s website (second bullet point below Terms and Conditions)

    The 500 bonus points you are referring to (at least as I read it) are awarded for online booking, rather than phone booking.

    This is pretty consistent across the boards – Hyatt has a similar policy about third party booking and points posted on their website, as does Marriott.

  5. Reply Kevin Senne Mar 25,2010 9:02 am


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve got to disagree with you. BTW, I’ll be posting an update later today.

    This is the second bullet. I understand that I don’t get the BONUS points. That implies that I will receive points (just not bonus points) for booking elsewhere.

    Bonus Gold Points will not be awarded for reservations made through a third-party reservation site or for redemption stays.

    In reference to Hyatt. They do not have that language in the terms and conditions. Award stays do not receive points of course. I am a Platinum Hyatt member, and always book my stays through Travelocity and receive points. I can’t comment on Marriott.

  6. Reply jessica Mar 25,2010 11:58 am


    Point 4 —
    “Ineligible Rates” are discounted rates, including, but not limited to, any free night stays, Internet wholesale rates (such as priceline.com, hotels.com, etc.), traditional wholesale rates (such as GOGO Worldwide Vacations, Pleasant Holidays, etc.), private rates (such as travelscape), airline crew rates, airline employee rates, travel agency employee rates, Club at the Hyatt discount certificate stays, Hyatt employee or employee family discount rates, airline interrupted-trip vouchers or contracted rooms (a contracted room is a room that has been reserved pursuant to a written and executed agreement between a hotel and a corporation, government agency or individual for a negotiated room rate in exchange for an agreed upon number of rooms to be rented for an extended period of time).

  7. Reply Kevin Senne Mar 25,2010 12:26 pm

    Here’s my take on this one. I am giving you this opinion based on my experience watching Boston Legal, and my personal experience staying at Hyatt.

    What they are saying here is that if you buy a room on Priceline (distressed) for $29, you don’t receive points. This would apply to other wholesale room rates. This makes sense to me. You don’t get airline miles flying on a free ticket. Same has to be true for hotels, and that’s what this clause is addressing.

    If you book a room at Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz, you are getting your points.

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