Radisson Customer Service Update 2

I have some good news/bad news updates on my recent issues with Radisson.  A quick reset.  I have stayed at a Radisson in Austin a few times this year.  I travel on business quite a bit, and Radisson has a chance to pick up 50+ nights from me this year.  I am a member of their reward program.  I found out after a couple of stays that the goldpointsplus program does not give points unless you book directly at their website.  This is an awful policy.  I went through customer service and didn’t get much of a response.  You can follow the saga here and here.

The Good News:

  • I received a very nice voice mail message from Caroline from Radisson.  Caroline told me she had been on vacation, and was sorry I had been told to expect communication from her.  She was professional and genuine, and I appreciate her reaching out.  I sincerely felt that she was sorry for my troubles.
  • I received an email message from the customer service department.  Mary Ann apologized, and credited me points for a stay.  A nice message message that is posted here below.  Again, the sentiment is appreciated, but there are some issues remaining.

The Bad News:

  • Mary Ann points out that the policy has not changed.  This is a killer for business travel.
  • I travel on business a lot each year visiting clients and my office.  It’s great to get out in the field and interact with customers.  I love what I do.  The downside is that life on the road means time that I miss with my family.  That’s a pretty big price to pay.  One of the ways that business travelers can ease some of that pain is by taking advantage of loyalty offers.  It’s great to be able to use the points I have accumulated throughout the year with my family.  I know most of us road warriors feel the same way.
  • The credit of points, although nice, was not for the dates that I had submitted to customer service.  I still have a Feb 15-18 stay that was not credited.
  • The language on the website is still misleading.
  • Bonus Gold Points will not be awarded for reservations made through a third-party reservation site or for redemption stays.
  • Not only will “Bonus” points not be awarded, but NO POINTS will be awarded.  I understand the desire to drive me to the Radisson website, but we don’t all have that luxury.  I booked travel through Travelocity Business for 3 years, because that was what my company used for travel.  I’ve booked Hyatt stay after Hyatt stay, and always receive points for those.

What Do I Want?

This isn’t really about missing points.  I do appreciate that Radisson tried to make it up to me, even if it was a little late.  I like the hotel in Austin.  I want to stay there.  I want Radisson to understand that this policy does not make any sense.  I want Radisson to understand what makes business travelers tick.  I am willing to help.  I would love to talk to the executives at Radisson.  I would love to help all of you voice your opinion.

Here’s the email I received from customer service.

Dear Mr. Senne,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the frustrations you were experiencing in your efforts to be credited for your March 1st stay at the Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin-Town Lake.

Radisson’s corporate office and our individual hotels are genuinely concerned with each guest’s experience and we take your comments very seriously.  Our intent is to provide the best in service and accommodations at each of our hotels, as well as exemplary service to our guests both prior and after your stays at our properties. Per your comments online, it is clear that we failed to do so on this occasion.

Please accept our sincere and heartfelt apologies for both the delay in resolving your request as well as the lack of addressing your concerns in a prompt and professional manner. In an effort to somewhat compensate for these unfortunate experiences, we have awarded a total of 7100 points for your stay at the Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin-Town Lake  on March 1st through March 4th . In addition, a separate online booking transaction on 500 posts has also been manually awarded to your account.

Regarding future reservations, please note that room rates that are not eligible for Points include reservations made through third parties such as tour operators or online travel companies. For the full Terms and Conditions of the goldpoints plus program, please visit our website link of: www.goldpointsplus.com/section/terms.home/termsandconditions.sidemenus

Mr. Senne, thank you again bringing your concerns to our attention. We apologize that we did not meet your expectations and ask that you give us a chance to show they can provide the “Yes I Can” Service we at Radisson Hotels promise. We truly value you as a customer and sincerely hope your next Radisson stay will be thoroughly enjoyable!


Mary Kay Frerichs

Mary Kay Frerichs  |  Manager of Voice Reservations & Customer Service, Member Services, Carlson Hotels

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2 thoughts on “Radisson Customer Service Update

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  2. Reply Andrew Bonar Mar 31,2010 6:12 pm

    Shame- you reach out and people do not listen. Given me a great idea for a blog about something else….

    Leason learned by me? Just like the ability to customise emails according to data that companies have on a customer, barely anyone does it (Amazon a noticeable exception) – the benefits of loyalty schemes are overlooked because the tools are there but the implementation is usually sadly lacking when it comes to giving any level of thought or consideration to the ‘loyal customer’. They may let you talk but do they actually listen?

    So I will stick to doing thingsthey way I always have, never registering for loyalty schemes and being flexible about who I fly with and where I stay. This trip to Australia it will be with China Air – never flown with them before and I am sure it will be an experience, I was reticent but the significant savings mean nicer accomodation at the other end.

    I have done the same flight with Air NZ and Japan Airlines. JAL was my favourite but all had positive and negatives. This time I booked through through Opodo next time maybe Lastminute.com, whoever gives me the best deal at the time.

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