Pogo – We’re No Longer in a Relationship 2

Transactional vs. Promotional.  Do you have a relationship with the customer?  When does your relationship with a customer end?  These are important questions for email marketers, and I believe the answers are changing very quickly.  Not realizing that the rules of the game have changed can cause quite an issue with a marketing program.

I was a subscriber to Pogo.com, an online games site.  My membership terminated in December when I decided not to renew.  When I elected to quit, I was very careful to unsubscribe from all Pogo.com emails.  All was well for about 6 months, until Pogo decided they were going to start mailing me again.  I have received 3 emails in July.

If asked, I am sure Pogo would try and say they have an existing relationship with me, so these emails are transactional.  I couldn’t disagree more.  We broke up in December.  I took back my mixtapes and my letter jacket.  You no longer have the right to email me asking me to come back, telling me about new games, or asking me to answer a survey.  I am no longer a customer of Pogo.

Pogo is spamming me.  This is the real definition.  I asked to be removed from email and terminated my business relationship.  By continuing to contact me you are spamming.  The fact that I once did business with you does not give you the right to contact me in perpetuity.

Stop Spamming Me.

2 thoughts on “Pogo – We’re No Longer in a Relationship

  1. Reply Jose Carrilho Aug 5,2012 11:06 am

    It’s because you’re not a customer, that they’re sending you those emails 🙂

  2. Reply Kevin Senne Aug 9,2012 11:57 am

    Which is exactly why it is spam.

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