Pogo.com Ramps Up the Spam Email

Almost always when I write about receiving spam email something happens.  The company has someone who monitors social media channels or will see a Google alert.  Someone from the company will respond in some way to admit the mistake and to try and make things right.  They reach out because the reason most legit companies send “spam” is not because they set out to do so.

Some of the reasons companies send out the spam.

1.  Bad data
2.  Data mistakes
3.  Campaign creation mistake
4.  Lack of segmentation data
5.  Executives who don’t understand the current deliverability landscape
6.  Broke, bad, or outdated preference centers

Then we have the curious case of Pogo.com.  I have written twice about Pogo.com and the fact that they continue to send mail to me after I have cancelled my subscription and now unsubscribed from all email two times.  The more I talk about it, the more mail I seem to receive.  After the latest and more regular delivery, I think something had to go wrong.  Maybe they lost all of their users preferences?

I don’t think Pogo.com and Electronic Arts like violating the CAN-SPAM Act.  I am sure this must be a mistake.  I do find it odd than an online community would fail to reach out to someone who is obviously having trouble to offer a hand.  It’s just about looking like they don’t care.

Well the new week brings more mail.  I have documented the recent email arrivals.  I am also attempting to unsubscribe for a THIRD TIME.  Maybe I will get lucky this time?



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