Pogo and Electronic Arts are Offically Spamming Me

I tried to be nice.  I have now unsubscribed from Pogo email 3 times.  This seems to have no effect, because I keep receiving email from Pogo.

This is Spam.  This is a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.  Stop it already.

These are reasons why people don’t like email marketing.  This is not good business.  Companies who do good marketing and have real connections with their customers don’t ignore my requests over 6 months to stop sending me email.  They speak with people who are interested.  Pogo and Electronic Arts have proved they care nothing about customers, or best practices, or the law.  They are going to send me email at all costs even if I don’t want it.

A few possibilities.

1.  EA and Pogo are just bad marketers.

2.  They have an awful infrastructure

3.  They are ignorant

I wonder which one it is?  It is probably a combination of all 3.

I can’t wait to see the Spamhaus listing for Pogo and EA Electronic Arts.

Why include this language if you aren’t going to honor it.

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