NOOKcolor gets Android 2.2 (Froyo) in January 1 recently got it’s hands on a NOOKcolor running Android 2.2.  This is exciting news for me, as one of these will (hopefully) be under my Christmas tree this year.  I do plan to root the device and turn into into a full-fledged Angry Birds playing tablet.  I like the NOOK because it has the ability to tap into my local public library, and that’s a big plus unless you have a huge monthly book budget.

Highlights from the article.

I spoke today with a Barnes & Noble representative who showed me the forthcoming update on his company Nook which is slated for this January. The 2.2 Android update is a game changer and literally turns the e-reader into a near full Android tablet device.

The 2.2 update, or overhaul if you prefer, will give you access to a retooled Android Market, the typical Android home screen and even has pinch zooming with the browser. The Android Market app was still under development and was not on the device to see. I was told that Nook users may not have access to the full market. The Nook I looked at had apps loaded via the SD card slot and seemed to run fine. The device will still give you access to all of your Nook material via the current interface that will be swicthable for the user.

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