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There has been quite a bit of buzz the last few days regarding  The speculation has been that AOL was handling the email routing of the domain rather than Outblaze.  This is confirmed by Return Path today in a post.  This is some pretty good news for email senders.  Outblaze has always been very tough on senders, requiring confirmed opt-in and related standards.  It isn’t that Outblaze doesn’t do a good job; they just take a pretty harsh look at email that most of us marketers send out.  Outblaze has always moved the line toward SPAM.

Hopefully, this means that we can start getting these domains in our AOL FBL’s.  This is a good development for email senders.  Make sure you are taking advantage of it by taking advantage of the services that AOL offers.

You can see a full list of domains serviced by here.

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  1. Reply Tony Sep 17,2009 10:21 pm

    I told you there was an upside to IBM buying Outblaze. 🙂

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