Let’s Just Kill Fox News and Call it Even

I was in England last week and the news of the Rupert Murdoch scandal was basically wall-to-wall on the news.  These guys had seemingly every public official scared to do anything without fear.  Seems odd that none of these famous and important people can learn how to use a cell phone.  Tony Soprano never had any issue getting clean phones.  What gives?

Now the US Attorney General is investigating News Corp here in the states.  We can save everyone a lot of trouble and just take Fox News off the air for good.  They don’t need the over the air station, they can just broadcast directly from Heaven.

Washington (CNN) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday that federal investigators are looking into requests by lawmakers to investigate News Corp., the multinational media conglomerate run by Rupert Murdoch.

News Corp. is embroiled in a phone hacking scandal in the United Kingdom that forced one of its top executives, Rebekah Brooks, to resign Friday. Now, U.S. legislators say they want to know if the company engaged in that illegal activity in the United States

“There have been serious allegations raised in that regard in Great Britain; there is an ongoing investigation,” Holder told reporters in Sydney, Australia.

“There have been members of Congress in the United States who have asked us to investigate those same allegations. And we are progressing in the regard using the appropriate federal agencies in the United Sates.”

The office of prominent American attorney Brendan V. Sullivan Jr. confirmed to CNN that he has been retained by News Corp.

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