LeBron James Free Agency Announcement on Twitter? 1

LeBron James has joined Twitter, and taken up residence at @kingjames.  This fact by itself in not really any kind of news.  There are no posts as of yet, and the account is not yet “confirmed” by Twitter.  The comments I’ve been reading are slanted toward the “who cares” neighborhood.  I don’t care about the actual nuts and bolts of LeBron on Twitter.  I am a huge NBA fan, but don’t follow the tweets of the young and famous.  I do care about the possibility that LeBron might make the most awaited announcement in NBA history via Twitter.

The where will LeBron James play saga has been going on for the last three years.  Teams have endured losing seasons in order to shed salary space just to get the opportunity to just be a possible destination for the free agent.  I’ll admit to checking ESPN, HoopsHype, and any other website with any predictions about the fate of ‘Bron.

What if he was to make the announcement on Twitter.  That changes everything.  In our copycat society, does Twitter become the de-facto place for major announcements?  Could Twitter handle the crush?  In the time that I’ve been writing this post, LBJ’s follower count has increased by 10,000.  Would his agent take follow-up’s via DM?  Who knows, but this would be a BIG deal for Twitter and social networking in general.

Meanwhile, we’ll just continue to wait, read the tea leaves and now watch Twitter.

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