Lance Armstrong’s Cheating Continues to Screw People

Nike has dropped sponsorship of Livestrong, the charity inspired by LA’s faux comeback from Cancer.

I know Lance always seems to think that his cheating had no impact on others, but we continue to see that’s not the case.  I am still bitter about actually cheering for this guy.  I’ve also seen people inspired by his comeback, and now it is just an empty promise.  What a shame.

The Livestrong Foundation, the cancer charity founded by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, said on Tuesday that Nike Inc had dropped its sponsorship of the group, which is known for its distinctive yellow wristbands.

The group had flourished during Armstrong’s cycling career, which saw him win the grueling Tour de France race seven times, titles he was stripped of last year amid accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Armstrong admitted to doping early this year and stepped aside from the charity, which he had founded after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.



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