Kanye West is an A-Hole 1

I’ve always hated strongly disliked Kanye West.  Always.  I know hate strongly dislike is a strong word, but it is the right adjective for my feelings.  Kanye reminds me of the spoiled brat who gets everything they ever wanted.  He’s always trying to be controversial, but he isn’t very good at it.  I remember his outburst during the Katrina fundraiser.  Speaking out about injustices is cool, but come on?   The incident tonight at VMA’s takes the cake.

Taylor Swift won the best female video performance.  Taylor Swift is possibly the most harmless entertainer on the planet.  First of all, she is actually excited to win this award.  MTV must be ecstatic that someone actually cares about winning their crummy award.  Who watches MTV anymore?  The only thing MTV does today is exploit drunken or pregnant teens.  I would guess there is a correlation between the two.  I digress from the MTV rant.  Taylor Swift bops up to the stage and is just giddy about winning this award.  She is in the middle of a heartfelt and genuine thank you when Kanye West jumps on the stage, grabs the microphone and tells us that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.  Of course he means no disrespect to Taylor Swift.

My questions in order.

Who cares about videos?
Does anyone really watch videos anymore?
Who appointed classless Kanye West judge and jury?
Why does ANYONE allow this guy anywhere near a live broadcast?
How many more times do we have to hear a Kanye apology?

Kanye West “jumped the shark” about 3 years ago.  All he does now is the same old tired “duets” with anyone and everyone.  I think we should boycott anything this jerk is a part of in the future.  At least the audience had the smarts to rain down the boos.  Poor Beyonce looked like she wanted to crawl under her seat.  Like Beyonce needs to win another VMA.  Jay-Z should have walked on the stage and given him a Taylor Swift kick in his nuts!!

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One comment on “Kanye West is an A-Hole

  1. Reply bladmkr Sep 15,2009 11:13 pm

    he ‘s a scared little punk. lets see him step up to a man and try that tough man crap.

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