Justin Bieber is a Tool

Let’s face facts, Justin Bieber is an absolute tool.  The charm of this little brat hanging around rappers and trying to sound street has about 6 seconds left.  Do you think Ludacris would be singing with some snot nosed punk if his career wasn’t in the toilet?  Survey says…..No.  I am not sure what the charm of Bieber is to some little girl other than their parents pushing him on them at a young age because they somehow think they would be safe with him if Fantasy Land struck their household.

My kids have the Bieber Fever and I have laid out the truth to them.  Bieber is awful and someday when you become an adult, you will feel ashamed that you ever listened to one of these songs.  I know, I have been to a New Kids on the Block concert (although I will tell you it was for a girl that I really had the hots for), but in the process I actually liked NKOTB.  I was going to Metallica, Guns n Roses, and STP concerts at that time.  If word somehow got out that I liked NKOTB, I would have had my ass beat.  They can’t say old Dad didn’t warn them.

Here’s some evidence that anyone who can read hates Justin Bieber.  The new issue of Vanity Fair magazine has him on the cover and sales were terrible.  It’s time to stand up America and stop being BC (Bieber Correct) and just admit that Justin Bieber sucks.

Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair Cover Bombed at the Newsstand

Posted Wed Jul 6, 2011 10:44am PDT by Caryn Ganz in Amplifier


At the start of 2011, magazine sales figures proved putting Lady Gaga on the cover of your magazine is a sure-fire way to guarantee blockbuster sales, while featuring Taylor Swift front and center is an almost certain bust. Now that numbers from the February 2011 issue of Vanity Fair starring Justin Bieber are in, we know how the 17-year-old heartthrob ranks amongst pop-star cover models and it is not good — in fact, for Vanity Fair, the numbers are nearly horrifying. Bieber’s issue is going to have the dubious distinction of being the Conde Nast monthly’s worst-selling in 12 years.


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