It’s Time to Ban Ron Artest for Good

I am sick and tired of watching the evidence pile up against Ron Artest.  Metta World Peace my ass.  This guy is nuts.  He thanked his shrink when interviewed shortly after winning the title a couple of years ago.  Look, Artest almost killed years and years of work with his role (and I mean starting) the Malice in the Palace a few years ago.  That almost destroyed the league.  Now here he goes again today, with this no place in the game elbow to James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Artest murdered a real chance for the Indiana Pacers to win the title the year of the Detroit incident.  What if James Harden can’t come back from this?  What if he has some Rudy Tomjanovich type injury? How is this any different.  OKC can’t win the title without James Harden.

I think the NBA shouldn’t go on with Ron Artest anymore.


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