It’s Over And I Can’t Dougie

We’ve got just a few hours left here on earth as the Rapture nears today at 6:00 PM (God’s Time Zone Not Specified), and all I can think about is how I will never learn to Dougie.  I love the song “Teach Me How to Dougie” and now in a tragic drive-by, Rapper M-Bone from the group Cali Swag was killed.  They silenced the Dougie.


  • There are still drive-by’s?  I thought the Boyz-In-The-Hood were over.
  • M-Bone was needed early to teach the fortunate the Dougie as they hit the pearly gates.
  • I am pretty sure I will be here tomorrow writing more silly things.
  • I decided it would be prudent to pay the mortgage this month, although I thought about going on a bucket list binge.

R.I.P. M-Bone

Los Angeles (CNN) — Rapper M-Bone of the group Cali Swag District died Sunday night in what police said was a drive-by shooting in his hometown, Inglewood, California.

M-Bone, whose real name was Montae Talbert, was sitting in a car in the 400 block of North LaBrea Avenue when a car pulled up next to his and someone fired two rounds that struck the rapper in his head, Inglewood Police Lt. Steve Overly said Monday.

Talbert, 22, died later at a hospital, Overly said.

Preliminary reports on the model of car that was involved have not been confirmed, he said.

Cali Swag District’s biggest hip hop hit came in 2010 with the song “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

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