Is Anyone Really Wearing Bridal Diapers? 3

Bridal diapers, fact or fiction?  Are brides who are covered in intricate gowns and other wedding trimmings wearing diapers?  Are the rumors of these bridal diapers the stuff of urban legend?  The bigger question is this.  Why am I writing and reading about bridal diapers?

If you are anything like me, the internets can take you on all kinds of unexpected twists and turns.  Somehow and somewhere I ran across the mention of bridal diapers.  How can you help but do a little research about such an incredible topic?

Urban Dictionary – A diaper that is used when a wedding dress is to big or complicated to easily use the bathroom. Most brides who come in to the shop have never heard of a bridal diaper and are surprised to hear just how many we sell. It seems to be something not many brides talk about. but, there is many more in use than you would think.

Marie Claire asks brides if they would wear a diaper.  I love the following comment.

I’m all for innovative ideas, but this is NOT a good one. I can’t imagine urinating into an adult diaper for starters, but on your wedding day, c’mon?! That’s so ghetto! Just lift (or get someone like a bridesmaid or assistant for the day to help you) your wedding dress up carefully & do your business like normal. If you absolutely have to, use a bed pan or something. But for God’s sakes not a diaper. You are supposed to feel sexy & confident, not like a granny or incontinent. You can worry about that 40 or 50 yrs down the road. Besides I imagine that if you were wearing a diaper too long (because you are so busy on your wedding day) you could potentially end up with a god-awful urinary tract infection on your wedding night & honeymoon which of course would KILL all the romance & ruin everything you have dreamed of.

Blogger Lindsay Ferrier says she’s done tons of research and can’t verify the validity of the bridal diaper.

Let’s hope she’s right!

3 thoughts on “Is Anyone Really Wearing Bridal Diapers?

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  2. Reply Urszula Aug 11,2010 9:20 am

    Hello everybody.
    Yes. This is no fictioin.
    On my wedding I had a beautiful long and close-fitting wedding dress.
    The whole cerimonial duration was about 4 hours. During this time I and my husband couldn’t leave the party for no second. So I decided to wear, under my wedding dress, a big diaper package.
    Anyway, I had no to walk long. Just stand there. First in the Church and then at the party. So it was no problem to stand with spreaded legs there during this over four hours.
    In this case, dear girls and weman, when you get married, don’t forget to buy diapers for yourself.

  3. Reply joanna Jan 8,2011 6:46 am

    i think it’s a good idea to wear a diaper on your weddingday.
    It’s just a precaution.
    I think it’s better to urinate a few drops into a diaper and then changing it rather then urinating into a thong and ruiining a dress.
    And your wedding !

    Joanna xxx

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