Irving Not Fooled By Herb Gears Diversion

Herb Gears, this is what happens when you go negative and slam someone by buying every Google Adsense banner space on the planet.  Nobody bought the cheap attacks when you owe the IRS tens of thousands of dollars.  If you were squeaky clean then maybe you could have made some points about someone who was less than perfect.  Obviously this wasn’t the case.  This was a case of those who scream the loudest are usually the guilty parties.

This should be a lesson in how not to run a campaign on the internet.  I do thank Mr. Gears for giving me some of his campaign money by displaying banners on my site.  Pretty ironic that my article exposing Herbert Gears for not paying $35,000 plus in taxes while trying to vilify his opponent for not paying a few hundred.

I don’t know wheat kind of a job Beth Van Duyne is going to do.  In the real world, I wouldn’t vote for an Ann Coulter starter kit in any circumstances, but local politics is all about the money, and Herb Gears proved that was something he couldn’t handle.

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