I Want to Raise Backyard Chickens – Help Me Convince My Wife 1

The kids and I have decided that we would like to raise a few chickens.  The catch here is that we have encountered resistance from the spousal unit.  Mama doesn’t want any chickens in the backyard.  A decision to populate the backyard with the common yard bird (especially since she would be responsible for a lot of the care) just doesn’t fly without 100% family participation.

We raised chickens when I was a kid, and as far as I remember, it was a lot of fun.  Seems like it would be fun to have a couple of hens in the backyard laying the occasional egg.  Here’s where I thought I could close the deal.  Chicken coops have come a long way baby.  Check out the slick digs for the hens.  How could my wife and her impeccable sense of style say no to this?

I am looking for help from the peanut gallery here.  Has anyone raised chickens?  Pros and Cons?

Here are some groovy coops.  Don’t tell me that you aren’t impressed.

 Habitats Deluxe Chicken Coop

 Cape Cod Chicken Coop

 Advantek Farm House Poultry Hutch

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  1. Reply Tom May 8,2012 10:24 am

    We started raising chickens about 3 years ago. We have ~30 or so now. They are relatively easy to keep. Much cleaner than stereotypically made out to be. Easy to care for. Scratch grains, feed and water. Each chicken produces 1 egg in ~26 hours on average. They also consume our household food scraps/leftovers – and of course we spread the straw/manure mix around our yard. So, it’s been a good experiment for us that is continuing.

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