I Like Twitter

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.  Sometimes it seems like Twitter is everywhere.  You can’t watch a newscast, a talk show, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper without being bombarded with requests to follow someone on Twitter.  You can’t be a celebrity anymore unless you have two or three million Twitter followers.  What kind of freaky alternate universe would appoint Ashton freaking Kutcher as the leader? 

I think we’re starting to hear some Twitter backlash, unfortunately.  I’ve read studies recently discussing the fact that young people don’t use Twitter.  I’ve read articles from people I admire in the industry talking about the reasons they won’t use Twitter.  I am going to come clean today.  I LOVE TWITTER!  I’ll say it again just in case you missed it.  I LOVE TWITTER!

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I’m going to try and make a pro-Twitter argument that makes some sense.  First, here are my requirements/uses for Twitter.

  • Primarily business – I am not and have never been a “chat guy”
  • The ability to search for specific information
  • Posting has to be quick and flexible
  • The ability to promote things I am working on
  • Tracking ability to monetize
  • I want to learn what my competition, friends, and talking heads are working on

Now that we know what we need, here are some things I don’t want/need.

  • Random gibberish
  • I don’t care what you ate for dinner, or what time you’re going to bed
  • To be required to do specific things, like use a standard interface

That brings me to my use of Twitter, and how I can put a laser target on my usage.  I have a great Twitter toolkit.  Yeah, I said it.  I have a great Twitter toolkit.   I’ll go into more detail in later posts about the tools I like and use the most.  I believe this to be the biggest key to long-term success for Twitter.  The ability to use external tools to mine the data you need and want from Twitter is the reason it works.  I never go to the Twitter homepage, or look at the raw feeds.  I could care less what the vast majority of people are “doing.”  I do have an interest in a smaller set of that Twitterverse.

  • I monitor a small set of “friends” who I have pre-screened
  • I search for very specific topics and terms
  • I can answer questions directly
  • I can intercept frustration before it becomes a bigger problem
  • I know what Ashton freaking Kutcher had for breakfast

Are you over Twitter?  Have you still not tried it?  I’m looking forward to sharing my Twitter playbook with you all.

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