I Have Pogo Contact

I wanted to give everyone an update on my Pogo Spam situation.  Someone from Pogo finally contacted me.  I don’t want to be too harsh, because at least it happened, but I had to go a long way to make this happen.  Tons of retweets (doesn’t anyone at Pogo monitor Twitter), multiple blog posts, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit later, I have first contact.

I was asked to send over my screenname, which I did.  It would have been nice to hear back with an explanation, but as we’ve seen already, Pogo doesn’t exactly have have it together.  We’ll see if I get hit again.  I suspect about 6 months from now when they are trolling for a few extra dollars that I will see them again.  Hopefully not.

I do appreciate the individual who did reach out to me.

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