I Don’t Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline – Am I Stupid?

FACEBOOK TIMELINE – This was like an evil cry that chased me around for months.  I wasn’t sure exactly what timeline was going to be, but I had seen screenshots and read articles about the coming apocalypse.  All I knew a few months ago was that I didn’t want my Facebook experience to be changed yet again by the “I don’t care what you like, we know better” Facebook crew.  The arrogance of Facebook development bothers me constantly.  That’s the setup with which I unhappily changed over to Timeline a few weeks ago.

Here I am today, and I have a serious question.  Why was I so worried about this?  I love the look of timeline on my Facebook page.  The top picture looks great and it’s cool to switch it out and get different looks.  But here’s the question that makes me think I am just missing something.

Who sees timeline?

I don’t know about you, but when I go into Facebook, I go straight to my news feed.  I don’t see my own timeline unless I click my name and go there on purpose.  I see my friends in my newsfeed.  I don’t see their timeline unless I click on their name, but why do I need to do that when I have all of their posts right in front of me?

I am very confused.  I would like to see the other timelines, but it is a pain to click on every individual.

Am I stupid?  What was this all about?


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