I Am a Clearance Sale Junkie 3

I hate to admit this in a public forum, but I am a clearance junkie.  I am not cheap, probably should be much more thrifty than I am, but I love buying things on clearance.  It’s the thrill of the kill, or something close to it that makes me love it.  I don’t really like shopping except when we’re going somewhere they might have clearance racks.

Some examples.

  • Target – Our go-to store for everything, but I like it because they always have clearance.  I wander the permiter of the store searching the clearance on the end-caps.
  • Old Navy – Extra special when they have an additional 50% off of the clearance items.
  • The Nike Store – I always check for that super steal of some fly kicks.
  • The Outlet Mall (sometimes) – Some stores in the outlet actually have real clearance, but most are just regular sales.

What is Clearance?

  • Clearance has to be at least 50% off the regualr price and even then, I am usually not interested.
  • I like the 90% off deals, but 75% is also acceptable.
  • I also like anytime I have to do advanced math like take an additional 50% off our already 70% off merchandise.

Some recent finds for me.

  • Packs of $11.99 underwear at Old Navy for 50 cents.
  • Nice patio swings at Target regular $90 for $12.99.
  • Great shoes at the Nike Store for $14.99 regular $79.99
  • I went nuts at Old Navy last week grabbing work polos for about $2.50, t-shirts for $3.00, and a hoodie for $5.00

Do I need all of this stuff?  No chance.  Do I go hoarder crazy?  Not at all.  We keep it in line, but we do enjoy getting deals on things we can actually use.

The last part of the equation in on-line.  We can no monitor clearance deals 24/7.  I like the following sites.

My current obsession is the HP TouchPad.  I want one for $99 or $149.  Do I need a TouchPad, hell no.  Do I want the best deal to come around this year?  Yes.  Yes I do.

I know there are others out there.  I see you lurking around the end-cap at Target.  We nod at each other and acknowledge our secret.

Say hey, and tell me what you are stalking this holiday season.

3 thoughts on “I Am a Clearance Sale Junkie

  1. Reply Brian Oct 11,2011 1:23 pm

    I think you just described me to a (super cheap, highly discounted, Old Navy-style) T as well. Looking for a new HDTV this holiday season.

  2. Reply Kevin Senne Oct 11,2011 4:28 pm

    That’s why we’re friends. Very funny to find out you do the same things.

  3. Reply Brian Oct 13,2011 7:53 pm

    My wife makes fun of me because I never, ever buy anything that is not on sale. Ever. Unlike you, I probably am cheap… 😉

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