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Hyatt is making changes to their Gold Passport program.  In this supposed tough travel market where airlines can’t fill seats, and hotels can’t fill rooms, loyalty programs continue to take hit after hit.  Hyatt has “shifted” hotels across categories and added a new and more expensive 6th category.  Hyatt tells us they have moved 65 hotels to lower categories.  Upon further review, 60 of the 65 hotels that went down in category were in the 2 lowest categories.

Road warriors will continue to drag our way through night after night in strange cities.  We’ll continue to try and pick the best hotel and airlines to maximize our return.  Airline miles and hotel points are part of our benefits package.  The time spent away from your home and family takes a toll.  It’s wonderful to be able to treat the whole gang to a free vacation at a great hotel in a great destination.  Of course, changes like this are great if you want to stay in a bottom of the line hotel in place where you would never vacation.

The changes:

On June 4th, changes to the Hyatt Gold Passport Award Chart will be implemented.

In an effort to make redemption as easy as possible, we previously removed all blackout dates for free nights. If we have a standard room available at any location on any day of the year, you’re more than welcome to reserve it with your Gold Passport points.

This will not change.

Likewise, all existing award categories and their point levels will not change. We will introduce a new Category 6, which will require 22,000 points and include only 20 properties.

Further, we will redistribute our hotels across the six award categories. This shift will include 65 hotels moving to a lower category and 89 hotels moving to a higher category.

Between now and June 4th, all award bookings can be made using the current award chart. Existing reservations for stays subsequent to June 4thFrequently Asked Questions. will receive a refund for the point difference if the hotel moved to a lower category. For additional details, please access the

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