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The mayors race in Irving, TX has been a nasty one.  The incumbent Herbert Gears has recently launched a very nasty campaign aimed at his opponent Beth Van Duyne.  I don’t live in Irving, but I do have friends who do.  I know Herb Gears lost the Dallas Cowboys, has watched as the police force has had a very clear policy of racial profiling, and completely botched the code enforcement process.  Code enforcement harasses and threatens some residents while allowing other parts of the city to fall into decline.  There is no rhyme or reason for any of this.  Restaurants go out of business, only to be taken over by paycheck loan companies on every corner.  The Irving Mall is just a shell and should probably be torn down.  I don’t know why anyone would want to live in Irving.

My interest in this race comes from speaking with Irving friends.  When I saw Gears go on this vicious offensive against Van Duyne, I wondered why.  Gears is accusing Van Duyne of falsifying her resume and not paying county business taxes to the tune of $560.  So why is Gears going on the attack in a local election?  My political radar tells me that when a candidate goes on the attack, there is probably something they are trying to hide or deflect.  Well it turns out that our Mr. Gears is in a little trouble with the IRS.  He and his wife run a business called Creating and Managing Wealth.  That business which Christina Gears (Herb’s wife) is the CEO and Herb is listed as a founding officer has a tax lien against them for $36,932.52.

UPDATE TO POST – Herb Gears is buying Google Adsense advertisements.  I use them on my site, and his attack ads are being displayed.  You see what I mean.  Herb, stop cheating and trying to deflect.  Step aside now.

Here’s my question about a financial company that is supposed to council people, yet can’t figure out their own finances.  Do you want a mayor who can’t pay their own taxes?  He only makes $600 per month for being the mayor of Irving, so this business supports his family.  They are 40k in debt to the IRS and in jeopardy of possibly losing that business and his only source of income.  Is this the guy you want in charge of your city?  Are you sure contracts, hires, code enforcement, and any other city business is going as it should?  Isn’t someone in financial trouble susceptible to less than honest dealings?  I wonder.

Here is some of a WFAA news article about the Irving mayoral race, and I am attaching a copy of the tax lien that I easily found on the Dallas County property records by searching for Herbert Gears.  Decide for yourself.

IRVING – The Irving mayor’s race is becoming a costly, nasty campaign between incumbent Herbert Gears and former council member Beth Van Duyne, and Thursday it became more taxing for both of them, literally.

County and federal tax records reviewed by News 8 show both of them have outstanding taxes due for past years.

In a TV campaign ad now airing, Gears attacks Van Duyne for a part time consulting business she has run out of her Irving home since 2003.

State law requires a business to tell the county appraisal district what equipment is used by the business so the district can set a value for the business personal property tax. An appraisal district spokeswoman said Van Duyne declared her business, but just this week to the district. Gears ad started airing this week.

Van Duyne said her accountant and attorney never told her to and she finally filed the necessary paperwork with the county “as a result of this nasty campaign.” The county says she’ll owe up to $560 in back taxes.

“Anything we owe we are more than happy to pay,” she said.

While Gears’ attacks Van Duyne, county records show the state slapped a lien last year on Creating and Managing Wealth, a company he co-owns with his wife, for nonpayment of franchise taxes. Gears eventually paid in full $8,400 in tax, penalty and interest.

But a federal tax lien filed last September against the Gears’ company for almost $37,000 remains unpaid.

Gears told News 8 they’re negotiating a payment plan with the IRS and.

“That’s all in the final stages right now,” he said.

The runoff election is on June 18.

4 thoughts on “Herbert Gears – Irving Mayor Owes $36,932 to the IRS

  1. Reply Jacqualea Cooley Jun 6,2011 12:30 am

    Note that the code on the Federal Tax Lien is “941” which is far worse than just owing back taxes. This is “big house” stuff. That is money in trust for the feds because it is money that has been withheld from employee’s pay for social security and withholding taxes. Yep! They are in some kind of trouble I would guess! Herb said they were “negotiating” but you don’t negotiate money like this! It belongs to the Feds… never was theirs to begin with. When I wrote and point this out to him, he wrote me back and once again called me all manner of names. His favorite name for me is “wretched woman.”

    My big question is if he publicly does this, how could he be trusted on the Entertainment Center?

  2. Reply Tony Jun 6,2011 12:55 am

    Looks like Beth will be getting my vote on the 18th. Sorry Herb but you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.

  3. Reply Brenda Jun 6,2011 8:07 pm

    Usually the person casting the stones is the one to investigate. Can’t vote for him. Stick with issues and stop the dirty campaign.

  4. Reply K Jun 13,2011 10:19 pm

    How do we get this info out? I worked for CMW in 2007 and realized it was dirty. Why is Gears opponent not fighting back?

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