Headline Writing is Out of Control

I am just about to stop reading news on the Internet.  Here is my issue.  Just about every news article you see these days has a headline that is misleading at best, probably an exaggeration, but even more likely just a flat-out lie.  It seems like every single story that you see teased somewhere has a headline written by someone who probably didn’t even read the actual story.  It’s become tiresome.

Today, I saw this headline.

CNN Anchor Reports Being Robbed

This is from ABC News, which you would think would do some actual research.  You click the link thinking it is Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.  You would of course be wrong.  It is some person I have never heard of, and all that happened was somebody snatched her phone while walking by.  This is pretty seriously stretching the facts, and the only reason anyone is seeing this trending article is because the headline was a scam.

Does anyone else notice this issue?  I’d love to see some examples and call these guys out.



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