Hayneedle Makes Positive Email Changes

In this space last week, I wrote an article entitled Porch Swings Gone Wild.  In the article, I talked about buying a porch swing from a company called porchswings.com.  I couldn’t be more happy with my swing, and the purchase process was wonderful.  The follow-up email marketing had me puzzled a bit.  I received quite a bit of email (ok with me, in case you are wondering) all from Porchswings.com.  The problem was that I had already purchased a great swing; why did I need another one?  I didn’t even open the messages because they were not relevant to me.

Porchswings.com is part of a larger group called Hayneedle.  Hayneedle has over 200 specialty stores.  Who knew, right?  I certainly didn’t know, because I stopped opening the email.  I suggested last week that Hayneedle make some changes to the way they were conducting their email marketing.

I am happy to report that the Hayneedle team has taken me up on my suggestions.  I received a new message that didn’t come from Porchswings.com, but rather from Hayneedle.com.  I believe they are going to see a big difference in some key metrics.  Deliverability should start to climb.  Open and click rates will start trending up.  I would guess that SPAM complaints may see a small spike, but will then dramatically reduce.

I just may have to buy something from one of Hayneedle’s “220 Stores.”


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