Greg Oden Waived

The Portland Trail Blazers are waiving Greg Oden.  What a truly sad story of injury, but it it really all that much of a surprise?  Oden spent much of his only year in college injured.  He doesn’t look like an athlete at all, he looks like a walking ACL.  To make matters worse for Blazer fans, they have to watch Kevin Durant for the next 15 years just being great.  The interesting thing is that someone will pick up Oden because you can’t teach 7-foot.

Sources with knowledge of the situation told that Oden’s representatives were informed Thursday the Blazers are waiving the 24-year-old because they need to create roster room to accommodate all the Portland players acquired earlier in the day in separate trades with New Jersey and Houston.



In his five pro seasons since the Blazers selected him No. 1 overall ahead of Kevin Durant in the 2007 NBA draft, Oden has appeared in only 82 games and endured five knee surgeries.

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