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Reengagement campaigns are one of those email marketing mysteries that almost always go unsolved.  How do we do it successfully?  We don’t know why people drop off, so it is difficult to know how to entice them back.  Sometimes called “winback” campaigns, these efforts are designed to do one thing:  bring back customers who are no longer interacting with your email program.

Let’s examine the criteria for someone to qualify to be “reengaged.”  We need to start out with some initial classifications.  I like to put inactives into buckets.  We should have a bucket of recipients who signed up, but have never interacted (opened or clicked) with any emails.  We should have a bucket of addresses we know are valid, but have stopped interaction.  We should also have a third bucket of high value customers who have stopped interaction.

Next, we need to define the period of time in which we will determine inactive status.  Just like everything else in the email world, it is very unwise to quantify in absolutes.  Different business models, different verticals, and your individual program goals will vary.  For discussion sake, let’s put some time periods on the three groups.  I believe the time frame for “inactivity” shrinks with the value of the address.  The first bucket of never responders may have a ten-month time frame.  The second bucket of verified good addresses may have a six-month time frame.  The high value bucket may qualify for reengagement after three months.

The example I want to cite today is from  I was a one-time high value customer of ProFlowers.  I would guess I purchased from them at least a couple of times per quarter.  My circumstances changed when my wife left her job and became a stay-at-home mom.  I no longer ordered flowers to be delivered to her at work.  I order flowers less frequently today, but when I do, I choose a different quality.  We have a local florist here in town that I now use instead.

ProFlowers has sent out what I believe will be a successful reengagement campaign.  First, they have a catchy subject line.  “Where are you?  We have 3 Great Offers, 1 Great Gift.”  The subject line gets my attention because they are talking directly to me.  They use Goodmail to certify email, so it delivers to my inbox, and, just as importantly, turns on images so I can see the offer.  They then clearly spell out the offers to bring me back.  The offers are great because they encourage me to spend more money for bigger savings, yet also give me a lower dollar option.  This is a great opportunity to bring me back and allow me to remember why I used the service.

Here are a couple of screenshots for you to check out.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, or hear about any examples of you being won back.


Come Back to ProFlowers

The Offers

The Offers

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