Gowalla is No More

The cool location service Gowalla is no more.  The Facebook Borg has assimilated yet another service.  They were bought three months ago and died during SXSW.  Later guys, enjoy your cash.

Three months after its acquisition by Facebook, Gowalla has officially shut down.  Gowalla was a location-based check-in service that directly rivaled foursquare. Both Gowalla and foursquare launched at SXSW in 2009.  Three years later during SXSW 2012, the plug has officially been pulled on Gowalla’s service.

After Gowalla’s acquisition by Facebook, former CEO of Gowalla Josh Williams has been working on an API for Facebook that would allow developers to further integrate location services with shared content. Facebook aims to use its acquisition of Gowalla to further integrate itself in its users’ daily lives

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