Goodbye Worthless Kardashians – Sign the Petition

Finally, someone is doing something about the scourge that is the Kardashians.  This worthless family of leeches has invaded our personal space for far too long.  I never again want to see any of the Kardashians, or the shell of a man that was Bruce Jenner.  Enough is enough.

This is why I was so pleased tonight to see this online petition demanding to remove the Kardashians from E!

I just signed the petition online and was number 134,000.  Not too shabby, and it keeps on rolling.  I encourage you to sign this petition, hope E! does the right thing and never again have to think of these no-talents again.

Dear E! Online,

We are respectfully requesting that your network find other shows to Air.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is just not viewing that we the public, would like to see from your network. Enough is enough.


Message from GoPetition admin:

Due to very heavy traffic and caching of our signature list, your signature may NOT immediately show up in the signature list. To confirm whether you have signed or not, GoPetition recommends that you join and verify you email during a low traffic period (before 8.00 am New York time or after midnight LA time, until November 19.)

We apologize for any server outages, but this petition is just off the scale in popularity.


I am asking people to sign a petition that will be forwarded to E! Online to request that the show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, ends.

Please sign. However if you leave comments, no foul language, belittling etc should be used. Example, what you see on comment boards.

I need for everyone to post this link to Facebook.. Twitter.. Email. This will close November 30th. We need several thousand to be heard!

Also please forward this link. We need many signatures!

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