For Pete’s Sake – Stop Emailing

A marketer secures an email address and has a warm body on the other end.  This should be cause for email marketing joy, but too often the next step is one that ends with a frustrated and fed-up consumer.  I will never understand the concept of sending so many emails to a recipient that leaves them no choice but to become so burnt out that they are gone for good.  This is such a short-term view and is one that kills many an email program.

Some examples are things like retailers who mail 5 times per week.  How many times can i buy a new sweater?  I like your product, but you have to stop, it just gets old and I get tired of deleting your email.

You want to talk about relevance?  How relevant can you possibly be 5 times a week?  The answer is that you can’t.

Here’s a perfect example.  This is a recycling company that that took over for our city services.  They have a program that gives you points for recycling and evidently you can redeem them for things.  I have to be honest, I don’t know.  I didn’t sign-up for this, the city gave them my email address, which is rude enough in itself.  So what do they do with me?  They carpet bomb me.  Who in the hell cares this much about recycling?  Al Gore would delete these messages.  Here’s a sample from the last week or so.




The moral of the story is chill out.  Send me something good when you have it, not because you think you might get lucky.

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