Fired For Playing Fantasy Football

Yes, you read the title right.  Four workers at Fidelity in Westlake, Texas were fired for participating in a fantasy football league at work.  This kind of thing always bothers me.  Yes, the rule is that you shouldn’t gamble at work.  Yes, you shouldn’t use company equipment for personal use.  I know all of those rules make sense.  Of course, everyone in the entire company will be filling out a March Madness bracket in March.  This can’t be the only reason can it?

This also sounds like a good time to brag on my 3 fantasy teams.  I’ve been quiet about them because I was pitching a no-hitter in one of my leagues.  I made it to 11-0 before suffering a loss.  Good to get it out of the way before the playoffs.  Going undefeated in a fantasy football season, may be the greatest achievement in all of sports.  Really, think about it.  I am the #1 seed heading into the last weekend of regular season action in all 3 leagues.  We’ll see what happens.  I hope the editor of doesn’t decide to get rid of me…

Here’s an a bit of the article from Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Cameron Pettigrew called himself the “Fidelity Man.”

Working as a relationship manager in the private client group at Fidelity Investments’ Westlake office, Pettigrew says he looked forward to work every day. He even remembers telling co-workers and friends that he planned to retire someday from Fidelity, the country’s biggest mutual fund sponsor and one of the world’s largest providers of financial services.

But that isn’t going to happen. Pettigrew and three other Fidelity employees were fired for playing fantasy football.

“Firing a guy for being in a $20 fantasy league? Let’s be honest; that’s a complete overreaction,” said Pettigrew, who lives in Grapevine and has an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. “In this economic time, especially. To fire people over something like this, it’s just cold.”

Said Fidelity spokesman Vin Loporchio: “We have clear policies that relate to gambling. Participation in any form of gambling through the use of Fidelity time or equipment or any other company resource is prohibited. In addition to being illegal in a lot of places, it can also be disruptive. We want our employees to be focused on our customers and clients.”

Read the full article here.

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