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Where do you go to find the best deals online?  Do you know where to find coupons for your favorite online stores?  Do you always look for a coupon code before making a purchase?  There is no reason to not get the best price when shopping online.

I consider myself an informed internet consumer.  I have my favorite list of “deal” sites that I frequent.  I probably enjoy the hunt more than the purchase.  I’ll admit to buying some things I really didn’t need, just because it was a “great” deal.  I wanted to share my online shopping tool kit with you, and hopefully learn some secret sites that I may have missed.

Deal Sites

  • – This is my favorite shopping site.  Dealnews is updated constantly throughout the day.  They have great feature articles and a good supply of coupons.
  • – The primo technology site.  If you are looking for that computer or TV deal, this is the place.
  • – A user driven site.  Fatwallet has great forums, and if you are willing to browse, you can find some great bargains.
  • – Woot sells one thing per day until it sells out.  They have a flat $5 shipping for any item.  Woot has spun off other sites that sell wine, t-shirts, and kids items.  Woot is just a fun destination.


  • Amazon – Yes, I know everybody knows about Amazon.  The secret weapon is the Amazon Prime service.  A yearly $75 membership to Prime gives you free 2-day shipping, and overnight shipping for $3.99.  You can make this membership pay you back very quickly.  I bought a 150 lb exercise bike and had it overnight for $3.99.  What about buying grocery items in bulk with free 2-day shipping?


  • – It’s very rare that I can’t find a code here that will knock-off something from my final purchase price.  It’s just fun to find a great deal, then get an extra 15% off that price.
  • Google – Use Google to find coupons.  Just search the name of the store, and the words coupon code to find additional discounts.

There are tons of these places around if you know where to look.  I’ve just listed my favorites here.  What sites are essential for you when buying online?


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