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Yesterday I had 200 friends on Facebook; now I have 199.  Who unfriended me?  Was it something I said?  Did I post too much?  What could have caused them to drop me?  These are the kinds of questions we think about when we lose a friend on Facebook. 

Did you know there is a way to keep track of the “departures” you might encounter?  Yes, there is an unfriend application that you can install for use with Facebook.  Below, I’ll take you through the setup and installation.  Before we get started though, the first caveat is that you must be using Firefox.  I’m sure all you all aren’t still plugging away with IE — IE is so yesterday.  Get Firefox, end of story.  It gives you the ability to install add-ons (Extensions, Themes, and Plug-ins) to customize your browser.

Okay, first we are going to install an add-on called Greasemonkey.  The add-on is available  here. Greasemonkey allows scripts to be written that work on specific sites.  There are a ton of these out there to install.

Next, click the Add to Firefox button.  We will then click the Install button, and then the Restart Firefox buttons.  Illustrations follow below.





Now, we need to download and install the Unfriend Finder script.  The script can be found here

Click the Install button.  Illustration follows.


Simple enough, right?  You can now spy on anyone who dares remove you from their friend list. 

A couple of disclaimers…  The appearance of someone on your unfriend list doesn’t necessarily mean you were unfriended.  The friend may have deleted their profile or decided to use another account.  There are many reasons why someone could show up in the list.  Don’t fire off a nasty email right away. 

So, now you have the script installed.  What’s next?  Below is a screenshot from my Facebook page showing some good examples of being unfriended.  One person deactivated and then reactivated their profile.  The other two are no longer on my friends list.  You will see the Unfriends tab at the top that is highlighted when you have activity.


That’s it, friends.  Now nobody will slink away from your Facebook clutches again — at least under the radar!  Enjoy knowing who you lost.

P.S.  You can always uninstall the script if it gets too depressing. 

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