Extreme Makeover Duped Again

Here’s a snippet from yet another article about the ABC Show”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” being duped for the millionth time.  The gift that this show brings families seems to be more trouble than anyone ever intended.  There are tons of stories about people losing these houses becuase they couldn’t afford the upkeep, taxes, etc..


  • Why doesn’t this package take care of these added expenses for a few years?  Shouldn’t a mortgage company or the Tea Party sponsor the “no-tax” period after the show is gone?
  • No background check?  Really?
  • Somebody will always try to game the system.  Always…
  • If there no regular Extreme Makeover anymore why is this still the “Home Edition?”

Ty Pennington and the philanthropic crew of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” have been giving families the houses of their dreams through sweeping seven-day renovations and reconstructions since the series premiered in 2004. The uplifting reality show brokers in hardest-luck cases that sometimes appear too sad to be true. And in some cases, as it turns out, they are: according to a recent trial in Oregon, it seems the would-be do-gooders were duped by a family falsely claiming two very sick young daughters.

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