Empire Avenue Missions – The Beginning of the End 3

If you haven’t been “playing” Empire Avenue, you’ve been missing out.  Empire Avenue is a game where you register yourself and all of your social networks.  The game tracks your activity on these networks and your engagement with that audience.  You are then listed on an index where people can buy and sell your shares, just like in the real stock market.  You also collect “eaves” which are virtual currency.  The game is fun and engaging, and also a great way to communicate and meet new people.  I have discovered a ton of interesting people and more great content than I can ever hope to read.

Recently, EA has started something they call missions.  Mission are purchased by someone and they list a task to perform to collect free eaves.  The missions are generally things like this.  Follow me on Twitter.  Subscribe to my You Tube Channel.  Like my page on Facebook.  You get the idea, and it’s been pretty cool.  Well, that’s all about to change.  EA rolled “missions” out of beta this week and opened them up to the masses.  In two days there are already serious problems.

  1. There are way too many missions.  For two days all I have done is logged on and collected money.  I am connecting with new people, but I am so wrapped up in the mission completion that I will have to go back later to truly examine everything.
  2. Today, I got a message telling me to “cool off” and wait.  Why can’t I fulfill missions form people that I invest in?  This is not an option.  I am sorry if you are overwhelmed.  So people are supposed to pick and choose?  How long does it take to click a like button?
  3. Here’s the real killer.  All of these missions and the spam they are spewing are going to kill everyone’s scoial networks.  How long is someone going to follow a Twitter or a Facebook feed if all they see are random links and likes that have nothing to do with me.  It’s spammy and people are going yo unfollow and unfriend.
  4. You created an enviornment of free handouts.  Don’t be surprised when people take them.

What happens next for EA?  They need to kill missions altogether.  I understand the concept, but they had better realize quickly that this is eating your own young.  I love EA and have really learned a lot from it.  I hope it doesn’t go away.

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3 thoughts on “Empire Avenue Missions – The Beginning of the End

  1. Reply Tom Ohle Dec 21,2011 4:43 pm

    Hey Kevin, thanks for the post (I do PR and whatnot at Empire Avenue)! Sorry you haven’t had a positive experience with Missions — generally feedback has been pretty positive, but obviously everyone has different preferences.

    I totally get the spam thing and the constant deluge of Missions. Right now this is just an early version of the Missions system, and we’re already working to improve it; we’re rolling out Mission creation slowly just to make sure we can deal with any issues that crop up. We ultimately want you to see content that’s relevant to you… that’s one area we’re dealing with.

    Right now it’s relatively basic functionality — click a link and get the reward. It’s not always going to be that easy to complete a Mission :). The cool-down you got was because we have a limit on how many Missions you can complete in a certain time period — was the message you got clear about that? If not, we’ll have to fix it for sure.

    Hope that clarifies things a bit… we have a lot of stuff coming in the next couple of months, so this will all start making sense eventually 🙂

  2. Reply Kevin Senne Dec 22,2011 3:47 pm


    First of all thanks for the reply. I love it that you guys are engaging good or bad feedback.

    To be clear, I 100% want this to go well, I would hate for things to change.

    My suggestions.

    You should be able to have unlimied access to missions for people you currently hold.

    Maybe limit the ability to buy new people and partake in a mission right away. What if the requirement was that you held stock in someone for a week before you could take a mission?

    Also, I really think you have to take a hard look at the spam issue. Chris Pirillo is going to be fine, he is great. My network might not be able to withstand as much.

  3. Reply Tony Dec 23,2011 10:59 am

    Hey Tom,

    I think the cool-down message for clicking too many missions is great! It reminds me that I’m wasting too much time on your game and it’s my clue to close my Empire Avenue tab and LEAVE YOUR SITE.
    Hey that’s what you guys want right? Drive players and traffic OFF and AWAY from your site right? Here’s another great idea..if I’m using my credit card to buy too many eaves which I’ll only use to buy too many shares and get too engaged with the game, gimme the same cool down message so I”ll have another reminder to LEAVE YOUR SITE.

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