Do You Woot?

I see the word Woot! all over the place online.  We just scored some tickets to the concert…Woot!  Tomorrow is Friday…Woot!  I just won the lottery…Woot!…Woot…Woot!  I know the word “woot” has origins dating back to the Dungeons and Dragons days.  Woot is a combination of “wow” and “loot,” for the non-nerd inclined out there.  For me, there is only one thing I think of when I think of Woot:  the best online deal site around!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife is a smallish company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The site went online back in July of 2004.  I somehow ran across it early on, and made my first of many purchases on 8/2/04.  I love everything about the company.  The marketing is genius.  The social networking…well, let’s just say it makes you want to be a part of the gang.  Woot! has a voice, and they have stuck with it for five years.  They are constantly innovative, always bringing new ideas to the table.  These guys somehow make it fun to part with your money.

Here’s the setup:  Woot! sells one item each night starting at 12:00 AM CST.  The item is available for 24 hours, or until the item sells out.  You are limited to purchasing 3 of any item.  Simple as that.  (Sound familiar?  Of course it does, because about a million other sites have tried to rip off the concept.)  Part of the fun is waiting until midnight; sometimes the offering is something so useless I go to bed disgusted.  I always come back the next day though, because I never know if there will be something fantastic — at a greatly reduced price. 

I mentioned the innovative things Woot! has done over the years.  Here are some highlights:

  • $5 flat shipping – Everything ships for 5 bucks no matter the size or weight.
  • Bag O’ Crap – I think this brought the site its following and notoriety.  Randomly, Woot! will offer a “Bag O’ Crap” for $1.  You order the max of 3 (including the $5 for shipping).  For 8 bucks, you get to spend a few days dreaming — because you never know what to expect.  The contents run the gamut from computers to pencils to flying monkey toys.  Having fun while spending money is what brings me back at midnight most nights.  Oh the allure of the possibility of purchasing a Bag O’ Crap!
  • Shirt.woot – Woot! has a t-shirt site that works the same way.  The designs are selected through themed contests and member voting.  I am the proud owner of quite a few of these always funny shirts.
  • Wine.woot – I’m no wine expert, but I’ve heard from people known to appreciate grapes that they have some pretty cool deals.
  • Kids.woot – The newest addition focuses on kids items.  I’ve already made a great holiday purchase and saved about $70.

I want to publicly thank Woot! for the enjoyment they have brought me over the past 5 years.  You should check out the site, if you haven’t already.  I know you’ll be hooked on the Woot! experience as well. 

P.S. – Check out the Woot! blog for some pretty entertaining reading.

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